Financial firms are increasingly turning to social media to communicate with customers and market their products and services.

To protect investors from fraud and misrepresentation, the U.S. SEC and FINRA require firms to retain and supervise their social media communications, among other eComms data.

Many firms continue to fall exceedingly short of this mandate, triggering the growing number of regulatory enforcement actions against violators.

Join Chip Jones and Donald McElligott, Global Relay’s Executive VP-Compliance and VP-Compliance Supervision respectively, as they outline the regulations governing social media data and share strategies to effectively supervise it.

Topics they cover include:

  • SEC & FINRA Rules governing social media retention & supervision
  • Enforcement actions for failing to preserve social media data
  • Compliance & policy refinement strategies for social media platforms
  • How social media archiving & supervision works (with product demo)

Featured Speakers

Chip Jones


Chip Jones
Executive Vice President, Compliance
Global Relay


Donald McElligott


Donald McElligott
Vice President, Compliance Supervision
Global Relay






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